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  1. BatchOutput PDF 2.2.27 | macOS | 9 mb BatchOutput PDF prints PDF files automatically from watched hot folders. Create hot folders for various printing settings, then just drop PDFs there - and BatchOutput PDF will do the rest for you. Keep working with other programs while BatchOutput PDF works in the background. Save time and hassle of opening and printing each PDF manually. Features - Print PDFs automatically by dropping them into watched hot folders - Create hot folders for various printing settings - A separate Server license which allows to create hot folders on a network - Serve multiple users with a single copy of BatchOutput PDF Server - Move files to success and error folders after processing - Processing history Compatibility: OS X 10.8 or later 64-bit Homepage: DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)
  2. Lucion FileConvert Professional Plus DC 28.02.2018 | 135 MB FileConvert turns documents into searchable PDF files ... in bulk. Whether your files are coming from a network scanner or sitting in existing folders, FileConvert automates the workflow of turning scans and images into searchable PDFs so you can find documents when you need them. Get started today with your free trial and accomplish more. Discover the OCR work horse that will make you the office hero. FileConvert: just set it and forget it. Heres What FileConvert OCR Software Does: Automatic Conversion -Enjoy a conversion workhorse. FileConvert runs continuously behind the scenes, converting files to PDF in bulk. Monitor a Network Scanner -Let FileConvert watch the output of your network scanner. OCR, separate, and route your scans as they come off the glass. Watch a Folder -Update a folder of old scans or monitor a folder for incoming files. Or maybe a whole tree of folders. Make Searchable PDFs -PDF is the standard. Convert your files to archival-quality PDFs that are fully searchable and ready to be indexed. Automatically OCR -Pull real text out of your scanned documents and faxes. OCR happens automatically as part of the flow. Separate Documents -Scan whole stacks of documents at once. FileConvert will split off the individual files automatically. Route Documents -Ready for a virtual filing clerk? Auto-save documents to pre-determined locations without lifting a finger. Scheduled Jobs -Flexibility is key. Run conversion jobs on a schedule that suits your needs. Or have FileConvert watch specific folders for new files. Whats New in v10: New edition: FileCenter Pro Plus Updated interface. Ribbon can now collapse. It can also be switched to small buttons (Settings > General > Use Small Ribbon Buttons). Updated PDF editor. New PDF editor functions: design PDF forms, insert watermarks, insert images, insert text, edit existing images and text, auto page numbering, auto headers/footers, Bates stamping, redaction. Automatic image cleanup for new or existing scans: deskew, despeckle, dark edge removal, hole punch removal. Convert scans to formatted Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, or WordPerfect documents. Works with any scan, PDF document, or image file. OmniPage OCR engine now included in some editions. Minimum System Requirements: Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2003 (or newer). CPU: 750 MHz Memory: 500 MB RAM minimum; at least 1 GB recommended* Hard Drive Space: 100 MB Home Page - DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)
  3. NCH ClickCharts Pro 2.13 MacOSX | 5.14 MB Design flowcharts and diagrams easily with this free Mac software. Quickly create strong visuals of an organization, process, mind map, UML diagram and more. Map out your value streams and data flow. Find bottlenecks in the process and ways to optimize productivity. Jump start the process with template options or start fresh with your choice of shapes, symbols, line connector styles and more. * Create value stream and data flow diagrams * Identify bottlenecks and process optimization opportunities * Flowcharts provide a unique way of organizing and displaying data so that even highly detailed and complex processes are easier to understand. This makes our flow chart software an ideal method to visualize your data, troubleshoot and optimize processes, and share information. * Includes chart templates to get you started * Choose from a variety of symbols and line connector styles * Create UML (Unified Modeling Language) standard visual modeling diagrams * Edit and customize colors, fills and strokes * Simple editing functions include copy, paste, undo and more * Seamless sheet overlapping for creating and printing large diagrams * Open and edit multiple flow diagrams simultaneously * Detail control for artistic styles for filling and lining * Export flow charts as jpg, gif, png or other image file formats to share or use in other applications Intel, 32-bit processor OS X 10.5 or later DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)
  4. File Size: 29.5 MB Video sharing made comfortable viewing video and widely available, but there are obvious disadvantages. Now roll on the ground, and an hour to remove it. Your friend from Europe can see the record, and it is available for Russia. Today you have the Internet, and tomorrow planning a trip into the wilderness without the slightest hint even on 3G. In general, the ability to save locally the desired video is useful and reasonable to simplify the procedure to resort to using specialized tools. 4K Video Downloader allows to download video, audio and subtitles with YouTube in high quality on your computer. If you want to upload a video on iPad, iPhone and other Soup, then this app - your choice! Downloading is simple and pleasant, just copy the link from your browser and click "Paste Url". Enjoy the video anywhere and anytime offline! Functions * Download entire playlists and channels from YouTube and save them in MP4, MKV, M4A, MP3, FLV, 3G, create playlists .m3u files. * Download videos to HD 1080p, HD 720p or 4K quality and enjoy high-definition on your HD TV, iPad and other devices. * Advanced features for downloading subtitles, choose what you prefer to have a separate .srt file or embed subtitles into a video file for viewing on your Mac, for example. * Activate the "Smart Mode" to apply your settings to all download, quickly and simply. * Download videos in 3D, you will find a small icon 3d among other formats after the analysis of the links. It's really impressive to watch shows and cartoons in 3D. * Download embedded YouTube videos from any web page, simply copy and paste the URL of the page, the software will automatically find the source for injection. * Download video and audio from popular sites like Vimeo, SoundCloud, Flickr, Facebook and DailyMotion. How to download videos from popular video sharing on the Mac: 4K Video Downloader As you can guess from the name, Video Downloader works with any quality rollers up to 4K. At the same time for the promised video on your Mac is enough to have a link to a video or playlist to the clipboard, then open the 4K Video Downloader and click Paste Url. The program immediately, "swallow" link, and then prompt you to specify the parameters for uploaded video. * take out all the videos, or audio only; * the format in which we want to save the video (3D video also supported and stored correctly); * The quality of the original video, which will be pulled from the video sharing; * whether to include subtitles in a movie, and if so, in what language and in what format (separate file or embedded). After that it remains to specify the path to save and click the Download button. If to be a large-scale loading several dozen clips from different sources and to adjust the quality individually for each of them is not necessary, you should use the sly smiley called Smart Mode. In fact, this pattern with parameters for uploaded video. In this mode, enough to insert a link to an application on another movie, and everything else, including the preservation of the way, 4K Downloader will carry a gun in accordance with the preset options. In general, it downloads in one click. 4K Video Downloader supports services YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, DailyMotion, SoundCloud, Flickr and Instagram. As mentioned above, access to the roller need only reference to it. It lets you download including video unavailable for this region. Even if the YouTube video embedded in a web page with enhanced privacy settings (ie without the possibility of transition to viewing on the YouTube), 4K Video Downloader somehow recognizes the existence of a video in the link to the page and successfully pulls the roller. Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor What's new: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version. HOMEPAGE DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)
  5. TunesKit Spotify Converter | macOS | 6 mb A mighty and smart Spotify music converter to download Spotify songs, playlists, albums, artists as well as convert any track from Spotify to plain MP3, M4A, AAC, WAV, M4B, FLAC for any music player, like iPod, Zune, Creative Zen, etc. DRM restriction on Spotify prevents us from playing the music offline. Thus TunesKit Spotify Music Converter for Mac comes out to free Spotify users from DRM for good! With this smart Spotify converter, subscribers can now take full control of your Spotify music songs by easily downloading all tracks, artists, albums as well as playlists from Spotify while completely stripping off the DRM protection with high quality. Compatibility: OS X 10.8 or later 64-bit Homepage: DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)
  6. File size: 23.7 MB Zortam Mp3 Media Studio is all-in-one Mp3 application that contains Mp3 ID3 Tag Organizer for searching and cataloguing Mp3 files into Mp3 library, editing ID3v1 and ID3v2.4 tags (ID3 Tag Editor-Mp3 Tag Editor), CD Ripper with album cover art/lyric support that uses CDDB (Internet Compact Disc Database) and automatically writes ID3v1 and ID3v2.4 tags. CD Ripper downloads album cover arts and lyrics from the interenet as you rip your CD (CD Ripper with lyric/cover art support), Mp3 Normalizer with custom volume level allows normalization of your Mp3's (Batch Mp3 Normalizer), search for song lyric from the internet (Batch Lyric Finder), search for album cover (album) arts (pictures) from the internet (Batch Cover Finder), batch lyrics and cover art finder from the internet (Batch Lyric-Cover Finder). Create lyric book in html format (cover pictures are included) from ID3v2 tags (Lyric Book), convert Wav to Mp3 files and Mp3 to Wav files (Wav/Mp3 Converter), manage M3u playlists (Playlist Manager), rename files using ID3 tags (Mp3 Renamer), search for duplicate Mp3 files, (Search Duplicate Mp3's). Play Mp3's using your favorite Mp3 player, add karaoke (Kar) and midi (Mid) files directly to ID3 tag (Karaoke Manager), and keep them together in Mp3 file and play either Mp3 or Kar file from the single Mp3 file. Zortam Mp3 Media Studio gives you: Auto tag your Mp3 music collection using the Zortam Music Internet Database (ZMLIMD) Mp3 Tagger and MP3 Manager Zortam Mp3 Player with cover arts and lyrics support Organize Mp3 music and edit tags in your audio library with a powerful interface ID3 Tag Editor (Mp3 Tagger) with separate views for ID3v1 and ID3v2.4 Tags Download song lyric and download cover arts (Album covers) from the Zortam Music Interent Database using batch processing - iPod and iTunes ready Normalize your Mp3's with Volume Normalizer and set custom volume in dB Rip your CD with CD Ripper and tag your songs in one single step with cover arts(artworks) and lyrics Batch Wav to Mp3 converter and vice versa Burn Audio or Mp3 CD Print HTML Lyrics book width cover arts Powerful drag & drop playlist manager Write ID3 Tags from filename Delete ID3 Tags, delete cover arts, delete lyrics (ID3 Tag Remover) Search for duplicate Mp3's Batch file rename using information from ID3 tags(Mp3 Renamer) Write ID3 tags using information from filename Add karaoke and midi files directly to ID3 tags All options are supporting batch processing Use mp3 tag lookup using Zortam Music Internet Database for auto tagging Plus much more Whats New: - auto tag files with missing tags - improved BPM (Beats Per Minute) calculation for Mp3 files - added in auto tag options support for Last.Fm - improved auto tagging performance - paste an image from clipboard and set it is as album art - replace entirely or part of the string in the tag - import iTunes Library to the program - improved skin support - redesigned internal Mp3 player - added mp3 player toolbar - added rename single filename in ID3V2 window - added option to use Zortam Mp3 Player or any other Mp3 player that support m3u playlists - added auto tag dialog to the Options dialog - added file modified column to the list - added YouTube To Mp3 Downloader (Converter) - added BPM (Beats Per Minute) analyzer of Mp3 files - added more options when renaming mp3 files using ID3 tags - search for duplicate or similar Mp3 files using Mp3 filename or combination of MP3 tags (artist - title) comparison - Batch auto tag(ID3v2) Mp3 files using advanced digital fingerprinting technology. - Automatically download missing cover art and other track info including missing lyrics directly to your mp3 files HOMEPAGE DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)
  7. File Size: 92.8 MB SeismoStruct is an award-winning program developed for the accurate analytical assessment of different classes of structures, such as buildings, bridges or industrial plants, subjected to earthquake strong motion. It features a number of verified nonlinear static and dynamic analysis methods (pushover, incremental dynamic analysis, etc.) so as to meet the analytical requirements posed by the modern performance-based seismic assessment and design philosophy. Some of the more important features of SeismoStruct are summarised in what follows: Completely visual interface. No input or configuration files, programming scripts or any other time-consuming and complex text editing requirements. Full integration with the Windows environment. Input data created in spreadsheet programs, such as Microsoft Excel, may be pasted to the SeismoStruct input tables, for easier pre-processing. Conversely, all information visible within the graphical interface of SeismoStruct can be copied to external software applications (e.g. to word processing programs, such as Microsoft Word), including input and output data, high quality graphs, the models' deformed and undeformed shapes and much more. With the Wizard facility the user can create regular/irregular 2D or 3D models and run all types of analyses on the fly. The whole process takes no more than a few seconds. With the Building Modeller the user can create real regular or irregular 3D reinforced concrete models of up to 20 storeys within minutes. Eight different types of analysis: dynamic and static time-history, conventional and adaptive pushover, incremental dynamic analysis, eigenvalue, non-variable static loading, and response spectrum analysis. The applied loading may consist of constant or variable forces, displacements and accelerations at the nodes, as well as distributed element forces. The variable loads can vary proportionally or independently in the pseudo-time or time domain. The program accounts for both material inelasticity and geometric nonlinearity. A large variety of reinforced concrete, steel and composite sections are available. The spread of inelasticity along the member length and across the section depth is explicitly modelled in SeismoStruct allowing for accurate estimation of damage accumulation. Numerical stability and accuracy at very high strain levels enabling precise determination of the collapse load of structures. The innovative adaptive pushover procedure. In this pushover method the lateral load distribution is not kept constant but is continuously updated, according to the modal shapes and participation factors derived by eigenvalue analysis carried out at the current step. In this way, the stiffness state and the period elongation of the structure at each step, as well as higher mode effects, are accounted for. In particular the displacement-based variant of the method, due to its ability to update the lateral displacement patterns according to the constantly changing modal properties of the system, overcomes the inherent weaknesses of fixed-pattern displacement pushover, providing superior response estimates. SeismoStruct possesses the ability to smartly subdivide the loading increment, whenever convergence problems arise. The level of subdivision depends on the convergence difficulties encountered. When convergence difficulties are overcome, the program automatically increases the loading increment back to its original value. SeismoStruct's processor features real-time Descriptionting of displacement curves and deformed shape of the structure, together with the ability of pausing and re-starting the analysis. Capacity checks in chord rotation and shear can be performed, according to Eurocode 8, NTC-08 (Italian National Seismic Code) and KANEPE (Greek Seismic Interventions Code) and for all the limit states of the specified codes. Performance criteria can also be set, allowing the user to identify the instants at which different performance limit states (e.g. non-structural damage, structural damage, collapse) are reached. The sequence of cracking, yielding, failure of members throughout the structure can also be, in this manner readily obtained. Advanced post-processing facilities, including the ability to custom-format all derived Descriptions and deformed shapes, thus increasing productivity of users. AVI movie files can be created to better illustrate the sequence of structural deformation. What's new HOMEPAGE DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)
  8. macOS 10.8 or later | Language: English | Size: 316 MB A power tool for A power language. Smart C and C++ editor. Thanks to native C and C++ support, including C++11 standard, libc++ and Boost, CLion knows your code through and through and takes care of the routine while you focus on the important things. Navigation Instantly navigate to a symbol's declaration or context usages, find your way through the code base with structure and hierarchical views. Code generation Add class members, override/implement functions, wrap a block of code with a statement, or generate a declaration from actual usage - all via simple keyboard shortcuts. Refactoring Rename symbols, move members up/down the hierarchy, change function signature, and be sure CLion's automated refactorings will accurately propagate the appropriate changes throughout your code. On-the-fly code analysis With CLion, you can create code that's beautiful and correct at the same time. Potential code issues are identified instantly. .and fixed as you type! Be sure all the proper changes are handled automatically by CLion. CLion also performs Data Flow analysis to find out all the cases of the unreachable code, infinite recursion and more. Integrated debugger Investigate and solve problems with ease through CLion's friendly debugger user interface with GDB or LLDB (on OS X) available as a backend. Inline variable view Get the complete view of your project with variable values shown right in the editor as you debug. Watches and variables view Inspect the state of all the variable for a chosen function in the stack frame, or monitor variable/expression changes during the debug session. CMake Using CMake as a project model, CLion handles your changes in CMake files automatically, using all the information from there during code editing and refactorings. The complete experience Popular VCS supported out of the box include Subversion, Git, GitHub, Mercurial, CVS, Perforce (via plugin), and TFS. CLion also seamlessly integrates with Google Test framework. Embedded terminal Run any command without leaving the IDE: locally or remotely using the SSH protocol. Depending on your platform, you can work with a command line prompt, Far, powershell, bash, or other tools. Keyboard-centric approach To help you focus on code and raise your productivity, CLion has keyboard shortcuts for nearly all its features, actions and commands. Whats New : Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version System requirements macOS 10.8 or higher 1 GB RAM minimum, 2 GB RAM recommended 300 MB hard disk space + at least 1 GB for caches 1024x768 minimum screen resolution HOMEPAGE DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)
  9. File size: 85.7 MB Komodo IDE is the first unified workspace for end-to-end development of dynamic web applications. A rich feature set for client-side Ajax languages such as CSS, HTML, javascript and XML, coupled with advanced support for dynamic languages such as Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby and Tcl, enables developers to quickly and easily create robust web apps. Award-winning features include comprehensive editing and debugging, plus intelligent tools for regular expressions, team development, customization and unparalleled extensibility. The result is a powerful coding environment for framework stacks like Ruby on Rails and CakePHP and client libraries such as the Yahoo! UI Library and Dojo. So you're a Web application developer? Developing in Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby or javascript? Are you a Linux, Mac or Windows user? No matter what your choices are, the answer is ActiveState's Komodo IDE, an impressive cross-platform and cross-language environment for building Web applications. And oh yeah, it's a really great tool that makes working in all these languages a breeze. Advanced support for: Browser-side technologies: CSS, HTML, javascript, and XML Server-side languages: Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Tcl Web template languages: RHTML, Template-Toolkit, HTML-Smarty, and Django Autocomplete and calltips Write code faster and shorten the learning curve with code completion that guides you as you work CSS, HTML, javascript, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Tcl, XML, and XSLT. Schema-based XML/HTML completion Multiple-language file support, such as CSS and javascript completion in HTML Framework support for Rails and Zend Support for adding third-party libraries Interpreter version differentiation of built-in and standard library information Multi-language file support Whats New HOMEPAGE DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)
  10. CyberGhost VPN + Crack | 9.96 MB One of the drawbacks of surfing online is the possibility of losing personal data. VPN service providers strive to solve this issue and one of these is CyberGhost. Based on the OpenVPN protocol with SSL encryption, it enables you to navigate on the Internet, using a secure virtual private network. Thus, data transfers, user actions and the location address are concealed, allowing you to surf anonymously. In order to use the application, you need an account. Once you enter your credentials, you can access the main interface that displays your PC's IP address and subscription-related information. To create a private network, simply press the 'Connect to VPN' button. Although you can choose the server you want to connect to using the 'Server list' section, it is advisable that you let the application select the server for you. You can only access servers located in Germany (for other European servers, you have to choose another payment plan), which are fast and reliable. Once connected, you can view your new IP address and find your location in the 'Server map' section. Then, you can start using the Internet as you do normally, without worrying that your private data might get stolen. CyberGhost provides you with a range of subscription plans that are suitable for all user categories. For instance, the basic, free plan can be useful for short sessions while the paid version allows you to access a larger number of servers distributed in more countries. FEATURES - • CyberGhost VPN allows you to surf anonymously online in three easy steps: log in, connect, surf securely. • CyberGhost VPN provides you with a virtual private network protected by 256-bit AES encryption. The encryption keys are generated on your own computer so no one can use them to eavesdrop on your network activities. • CyberGhost VPN works with almost any program that accesses the Internet, letting you surf, communicate, and share data anonymously. To prevent misuse by spammers, email programs should not be concealed (this does not apply to web mail, i.e., mail applications accessed by browsers). • CyberGhost VPN allows you to surf securely when using public WLANs and hotspots and prevents others from spying on your data transmissions (does not apply to traditional email clients, which cannot operate inside the VPN). • CyberGhost VPN offers a high-performance server network. Basic users experience only minimal delays while premium users will hardly notice the difference. • CyberGhost VPN provides its subscribers with 256-bit AES-encrypted online storage (careful: lost passwords cannot be recovered). • CyberGhost VPN guarantees premium subscribers a minimum bandwidth of 2,000 kbit/s (higher speeds depend on server load). • CyberGhost VPN supports all PC Internet connections (WLAN, Internet cafes, UMTS, DSL, ISDN, modem). • CyberGhost VPN gives users more online security and freedom with fewer worries about Internet privacy. • CyberGhost VPN has an easy-to-follow overview of subscriptions costs and continually-updated usage reports. DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)
  11. liquivid Video Improve 2.0.0 Multilingual MacOSX | 160 mb Liquivid Video Improve is an intuitive, easy-to-use editor for your videos and photos: Clean up and improve all your captures with a single click & have more fun viewing and sharing your memories. Detailed Feature Overview: Liquivid Video Improve is an intuitive, easy-to-use editor for your videos and photos: Clean up and improve all your captures with a single click & have more fun viewing and sharing your memories. Liquivid Video Improve offers many appealing visual effects, fixes lens distortion caused by wide angle lenses (as in most actioncams), removes camera shake & image noise and improves colors and sharpness. Basic video cutting, batch processing and support for all common video formats, codecs and resolutions make it the tool of choice for everyone who wants to get more out of their captures. Detailed Feature Overview: * Visual effects, 23 to choose from * Stabilization / camera shake removal * Defishing / lens distortion removal. Built-in profiles currently include: GoPro Hero3, Hero3+, Hero4 & Hero4 Session, Hero5 & Hero5 Session, Sony HDR-AS100V, HDR-AS50, HDR-CX220, FDR-X1000V, Drift HD Ghost, SJCAM SJ4000 & SJ 5000, DJI Phantom 3 & Zenmuse X3, Garmin VIRB, Parrot Bebop 2, Rollei 6S, Rollei 410, Zoom Q8, GitUp Git2, Mobius ActionCam (lenses A, C2), Yi 4K, Olympus TG Tracker. * Denoising * Adjusting colors, exposure, shadows and highlights * Sharpening * Rotating & cropping * Changing video play speed * Adding text * Adding music * Video deflickering * Video splitting and merging * Batch processing Supported Formats: * Input: * Photos: JPG, PNG, TIFF * Videos: all common formats and codecs in any resolution (including HD, 2K, 2.7K, 4K) * Output: * Photos: JPG, PNG * Videos: MP4 (h264), WMV, Motion JPEG, WebM, GIF, uncompressed AVI in any resolution (including HD, 2K, 2.7K, 4K) and with high bitrates UI localization: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian. : OS X 10.9 or later 64-bit DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)
  12. Golden Software MapViewer 8.6.651 | 92 Mb Make the most out of your data. Quickly produce publication-quality maps with MapViewer's extensive thematic mapping and spatial analysis features. Distinguish patterns and trends in your data, understand the spatial relationship, and give clients and stakeholders the information they need. Analyze Data Put data to work for you. MapViewer gives you tools to visualize and analyze the geographic distribution of your data so you can make decisions with confidence. Locate opportunities to drive efficiency, innovation, and profitability. MapViewer turns your data into valuable information. Communicate Results Transformed data into actionable results. MapViewer's numerous map types and customization options allow you to easily communicate results with clients, stakeholders, and coworkers. Trusted Solution Hundreds of people across the globe use MapViewer to present their spatial data. See for yourself why so many people trust MapViewer to visualize their data. System requirements: Windows XP SP2 or higher, Vista, 7, 8 (excluding RT), 10 or higher 32-bit and 64-bit operation system support 1024 x 768 or higher monitor resolution with minimum 16-bit color depth At least 500 MB free hard disk space At least 512 MB RAM Home Page - DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)
  13. OS: Windows 64bit | Language: multilanguage | Size: 159 MB NX EasyFill Advanced will enable the innovative and professional mold filling simulation technologies to further enhance the mold design-to-manufacturing process for users of NX 11. NX offers a range of tools that help you assess the moldability of plastic parts. These validation and mold flow analysis tools are intended for use by designers in the early stages of product development, and are fully integrated with NX design functions. They combine technologies from Siemens PLM Software and Moldex3D, a leading provider of computer-aided engineering (CAE) software for the plastics industry, to deliver intuitive injection molding simulations embedded in NX. You can easily setup and perform analyses with only a few clicks. The moldability validation and flow analysis tools enable you to identify and correct potential injection molding problems as you design the product. The mold filling simulation tools feature automatic meshing and support parallel computing to deliver results faster. NX Molded Part Validation gives you the tools you need to ensure that designs are manufacturable. The software examines part models to identify features that could compromise the injection molding process. The automated checking allows you to identify draft angles, undercut areas, sharp corners and small radiuses, and other issues that can impede successful molding. With NX EasyFill Analysis, part designers and mold makers can gain insight with 3D injection molding simulation that predicts melt front advancement, air traps, weld lines, gate contribution, temperatures, frozen layer ratio and maximum cooling time. The simulation results help guide decisions that optimize plastic part designs and injection molding process parameters. NX EasyFill - Advanced adds additional mold filling simulation capabilities, including weld line temperatures and meeting angles, runner support, sink mark displacement, volumetric shrinkage, shear stress and shear rate and filling Descriptions. The simulation results help you fine-tune part and mold designs to optimize molded component quality. Whats New : HOMEPAGE DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)
  14. File size: 105 MB High Quality Video Converter, 90X Faster Speed! The Windows video converter ultimate helps convert video/audio files, burn DVDs, download online streaming videos, record and edit videos at one time. What's New in iMedia Converter Deluxe for 10: Input Any Video This deluxe version of Windows video converter supports to convert 150+ video or audio format, including MP4, MKV, WMV, MTS, M4V (DRM supported), MOV, MP3, etc. And it continues to add new supported video formats along with each upgrade. This ultimate video converter for Windows also converts 4K/HD video such as HD 1080P and HD 720P with quality maintained. Directly from Device (New!) Apart from loading video files or video file folders to be converted from your Windows hard drive, to add video files directly from your mobile devices even camcorder is also available with USB cable connected only. No need to waste time in transferring video files to your Windows first and then load again to the video converter! 150+ Output Formats Apart from loading video files or video file folders to be converted from your Windows hard drive, to add video files directly from your mobile devices even camcorder is also available with USB cable connected only. No need to waste time in transferring video files to your Windows first and then load again to the video converter! Merge & Batch Convert You can choose your own way to convert videos according to your need. This video converter offers you 2 ways to convert videos: batch convert all videos in one click or convert each video clip one by one. Besides, you could merge and convert all video clips into one integrated video using this ultimate video converter. Lossless Conversion at 90X Faster Speed As an ultimate leading video converter, iSkysoft iMedia Converter Deluxe for Windows equips with Lossless Conversion technique which not only assures the output video quality but also accelerates your conversion speed. Convert Online Videos - in 1 Easy Click Want to convert videos on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, VEVO or other 1,000+ popular video streaming websites? Just try this video converter ultimate for Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista. It provides with two ways to download or record online videos, and then you can convert the downloaded videos to any format as needed. Edit & Enhance - Awesome Your Video With its built-in video editor, iSkysoft iMedia Converter Deluxe for Windows allows you to trim, crop and rotate your videos before converting them. In addition, you can also add subtitles, watermarks, metadata info and special effects to the videos to get perfect videos before converting them easily. Transfer Videos to Your Devices (New!) As a one-stop windows video converter, iSkysoft iMedia Converter Deluxe provides you the easiest way to transfer your converted video or audio files to your mobile devices with USB cable, including iPhone(7/7 Plus), iPad, iPod, Samsung and other Android phones and tablets, so that you can enjoy your favorite video at any time on the go! Create Your Own DVD As the ultimate DVD solution, iSkysoft iMedia Converter Deluxe for Windows helps burn media files to DVD disc, backup your DVD or convert DVD file to any format for personal use. Get More in Toolbox (New!) For better experience with iSkysoft iMedia Converter Deluxe for Windows, you can take full advantage of these handy & useful tools for your convenience! More features will be incorporated along with the updates of this Windows video converter. - Add/Edit Metadata Info - VR Converter - GIF Maker - Capture Screen System Requirements: - Supported OS: Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista. - Processor: > 750MHz Intel or AMD CPU. - Free Hard Disk Space: 100 MB or more. - RAM: 256 MB or above. RELEASE NOTES What's new in this version: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version. HOMEPAGE DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)
  15. 4K YouTube to MP3 Multilingual + Portable | 28.4/28 Mb 4K YouTube to MP3 was specifically created to extract audio from YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook and save it in MP3, M4A, OGG. No annoying and complicated settings to deal with, just a clean, friendly and functional interface. ing is simple and straightforward: just copy the link from your browser and click 'Paste Url'. Done! Features: Extract audio from YouTube videos and save it in MP3, M4A or OGG in high quality. full YouTube playlists or channels and generate m3u files. Transfer ed tracks automatically into iTunes and upload them on your iPhone or iPod. Listen music via native built-in music player. and extract audio tracks from SoundCloud, Vimeo, Flickr and DailyMotion videos. audio books from YouTube. Extract audio tracks even from embedded in HTML page videos. Use 4K YouTube to MP3 on your PC, Mac or Linux, doesn't matter what OS you prefer. Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10 DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability) [url] [/url] [url] [/url] [url] [/url]